Gourmedd is a Gourmet Medible Company in Phoenix, AZ. We offer our clients the means to create their own medicated gourmet meals through personal instruction, cooking classes, consulting and webinars.

Gourmedd’s goal is to lead people to a higher quality of life through all natural foods and skin care products as well as educating people about the power they have to improve on health and wellness of their own bodies.

Gourmedd is a company created by industry professionals using gourmet medicine and innovative education. We cater to the health conscious consumer, with products and information you can trust to help achieve synergy between humans and nature.


To become an expert household name that inspires people to make better choices for their bodies and improve their quality of life through health and education.

Mission Statement

Create high quality products inspired by nature that promote health and wellness in mind, body, and spirit.


  • All natural foods and empowering education
  • Radiant Health for Everyone
  • Synergy Between Innovation and Nature
  • Alignment of Passion and Purpose
  • Commitment to  the Highest of Standard of Quality