Meet the Crew

Nicki Foxx

Nicki Foxx is the Creator and Head Chef at Gourmedd, Llc...

..who works with private clients and small businesses to provide  gourmet catered dinners, cooking classes, tailored infusions and healthy food products.

Nicki believes her contribution to the world  is to improve people’s health and quality of life through the relationship they have with food. She has been studying health and nutrition for over 20 years, and she not only studies and uses the benefits of cannabis in her creations, but that of hundreds of other adaptogenic plants and powerful medicinal mushrooms


Through Gourmedd, Nicki has created a food product line as well as a skincare line that has therapeutic and cosmetic benefits. She worked directly with chemists as a lab technician for  years while developing her line.

Nicki also leverages her 25+ years experience with the plant and its culture to help a  startup cannabis tech company determine an algorithm to help people searching the web for cannabis answers based on their specific profiles.

Nicki has over 20 years experience in the kitchen, as well as over fifteen years of sales and management experience. Her businesses are built on integrity and an unrelenting commitment to the highest standard of quality when it comes to providing cannabis knowledge and services.



Alica, our Director of Business Development, brings with her 14 years of customer service as well as 7 years of management experience and training. Her accomplishments include revolutionizing pipe-lining strategies in the Admissions department as a group leader for an online school, with special emphasis on education and sales. Alicia has a total of 5 Career Diplomas she completed in her free time. She moved to Arizona in 2015 to work as a Traffic Copy Editor. Alicia met Nicki one month after arriving in AZ and worked with her throughout her residency in AZ. Currently residing in Pennsylvania, she is a patient card holder in the Keystone State. After a break from Gourmedd she has come back better than ever and is working with Nicki remotely. She hopes to help spread her knowledge and help Gourmedd grow not just in Arizona but all over the country!

Alicia became interested in the medical marijuana movement after seeing how it has helped so many patients with cancer. With a long list of cancer history on both sides of her family she wishes to help her family as well as others through the MMJ community.