All 3 LIVE Virtual Cooking Classes


All 3 Classes.
5pm EST



December 12th 2020

Course 1: The Fundamentals

Learn the basics to medicating anything. We will go over how to properly break down and extract the most amount of active ingredient possible from your plant. We will discuss dosing recommendations and methods, and talk to you about some of the best recipes to medicate and why.


January 2, 2021

Course 2: Gourmet  Sauces and Special  Tricks

Unlock special techniques only taught at Culinary school. Create recipes using three base sauces that will allow you to medicate any meal or any dessert, with a gourmet flair

January 23, 2021

Course 3: The Wonderful  World of Terpenes

Learn about terpenes and the way that they affect your medicine, and your body while medicating. Learn how to preserve all the best most active ingredients and cannabinoid’s while cooking, and tailor recipes specifically to your tastes and or health requirements. Experiment with food pairings to accentuate affect.

Bonus Class. Custom instruction – this class is a private class for a small group of people that want to learn how to medicate for their specific health requirements. We will go over recipes that combat some of the most common elements, fatigue, inflammation, pain etc. this class will be customized to fit your dietary needs.