Brief Cannabis Info

Marijuana, cannabis, and weed are terms commonly used to refer to the same plant, Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica, and its products. Here’s some information about marijuana: Marijuana is a … Read more

Beer Braised 420 Tacos

  This recipe has the best of everything- beer, weed and chicken! It’s the perfect meld of flavors, and a healthy mix of fresh ingredients. Tacos are a wonderful way … Read more

Green Drink

Go Green! Drink Your Medicine! If you really want to get the most of your medicine you need to medicate with REAL FOOD! Raw foods are incredibly alkalizing. The change … Read more

Terpene Tea Spritzer

  One of my favorite things about cannabis is the terpenes!!! That orange or piney aroma you smell when you break up your buds… are terpenes! They are made up … Read more